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Dan Mark

“Before a scent takes its significant spot, the creator’s checklist weighs more than most novels we might read in a lifetime.
The truth is, a masterpiece needs time to nurture and to manifest.
The art of perfumery is a distinct ideology that expresses every ‘painters’ love for uniqueness. Always express quality, but do take a significant spot by choosing ‘uniqueness’.
According to Louis Bunuel, Mystery is the basic element of all works of Art.
It has always been the desire to create a brand which communicates uniqueness but has mystery as a pivot. When mystery is brought to anything, the connotation of deeper meaning becomes an indelible mark. Staying mysterious is a wondering affair.

Our Fragrances

“If a bottle can contain a scent which can leave a memory forever, then it is not just a bottle but a great wall that guards a suitcase of memories”.
Welcome to the place of great memories.

ABSOCUTE. “Absolutment Mignon”.

The name was derived from “Absolute” and “Cute”. This scent is very playful in character, a scent that possesses the matured character of “I CAN’T HAVE ENOUGH OF YOU” feel. The nostril troubling fragrance that pulls attention to the wearer. It is a complete experience of style, class and panache. This idyllic scent drives the true essence of contemporariness and makes the wearer bask in euphoric glow. The endorphins released by the wearer create an unimaginable aura that captivates all.


Inspiration is constructive, so is the ink that impacts the very paper we like to breathe life into. At the verge of a gentleman making impact, his tone of voice and choice of words speak true of him. Rescent Man was created to ascertain the expression “more is said by saying less.” Rescent man is designed to fit a gentleman who understands the communication quality of a good scent. Words are conjured to express an idea, but Rescent man was created to make a statement. Rescent is simply the act of staying modern with your choice of fragrance

SCENTENCE 360. “The Definition"

We wear a feeling that appreciates the principle of definition. Scentence 360 is an all-round fragrance that understands the virtue and the significance of definition. This creation is the first scent that was created in Grasse; it is labelled “Pioneer.” A fellow perfumer who assisted in the creation of this fragrance calls it “THE CHAMP” because it is. Scentence was coined by Dan Mark during the creation phase. He said if SENTENCE is the coordination of simple words that are structured, guided by simple rules to deliver a message, then he believes SCENTENCE is the coordination of fragrance notes to communicate one’s PERSONA. The value 360 in connection to the fragrance signifies “All weather” and the unisex character of this very fragrance.

LA CARRETERA. “The Bottled Journey"

When passion leads, the chase becomes unstoppable. La Carretera is a fragrance that portrays when a solid desire is driven by expectation. When your memory brings you a creation that is unforeseen: remember courage becomes your first step. Undeniably, La Carretera by Julio Iglesias is my favorite and all-time best Spanish tune. The artist expresses his desire to pursue an unforgettable love that he willingly refuses to part with. This scent relates well with my journey Amsterdam-Grasse-Hamburg. The Spice Museum of Hamburg has been in existence for over five (5) decades. I got the chance to experience diverse spices that have been in existence for centuries. The spicy characteristic of La Carretera was inspired by the Spice Museum.

The experience kit

Want to be confident on the go? Choose from any of our pocket size fragrances. Experience the alchemy of our fragrances mingling with your skin. The Discovery Set introduces you to all our scents, each of which tells a unique story.


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